“Reality Tour” Substance Misuse Prevention

 Provides evidenced-based consequence-driven, innovative, contemporary, and replicable drug prevention education at the community level for parent and child with corresponding tools for parents and schools.






Community Engagement:

 Reality Tour fills the gaps in current prevention services that help a community by:

  1. providing a parent and child prevention experience together

  2. providing periodically scheduled prevention presentations via Reality Tour so that a prevention program is present in the community 

  3. utilizing and networks existing community resources

  4. offering a role for every willing community volunteer

  5. showing the consequences of experimentation in a sensitive manner appropriate for ages 10-17

  6. Introduction “Reality Tour” Parent/Child Drug Prevention Program

During the Reality Tour presentation parents and children 'witness' the effects of drug abuse as they view dramatic scenes introduced by the 'voice of the addict'. Scenes depict arrest, imprisonment, overdose, and yes, even a funeral. Question and answer sessions with law enforcement and addicts in recovery allow for interaction. Photographs of teens are taken upon arrival, digitally morphed into an unattractive likeness, and then returned at the program's end. The photos serve as a reminder of the haunting, progressively deteriorating, real mug shot photos of an addict displayed during the tour. Law enforcement educates on emerging drugs. It’s an experience that will create a lasting impact on all who attend.

Who Should Attend?

 Nevada RT Registrants will focus on ages 10-18, those who must attend with their parent or legal guardian. Parents, please do not bring your child’s friend — they will not be able to attend without their own parents. Free registration required at; www.communitypartnersforbetterhealth.com


Registration Liability Release Form below must be filled out.

Interested, Call Community Partners for Better Health  (702) 256-2724- ask for Janiria


Alternative Peer Group Center

900 E. Karen Ave. D-206

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


June 20th,2020

Registration: 8:30 AM

 Tour: 9:00 AM


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Nevada Reality Tour

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