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Welcome to the Las Vegas Reality Tour ...

Community Partners for Better Health is proud to welcome Reality Tour to Nevada!

What is it?

The Reality Tour (RT) is a volunteer-driven substance abuse program that is presented to parents and their children ages 10-18 in a community setting over the course of a 2-hour engaging experience. RT is an evidenced-based program that has been replicated in many states, and now... for the first time... in Nevada.

Reality Tour must be experienced by a child and parent/caregiver together, and the EXPERIENCE strengthens both family bonding and communication skills forever.

Who is it for?

RT is not just for families who have issues or concerns with substance misuse. It is for all YOUTH  (ages 10-18) and their PARENTS who want to learn how to prevent drug use in the future and IMPROVE parent and child COMMUNICATION  about everything (including the negative affects of drugs) right now.

What will be presented?

RT provides realistic scenes about the consequences of drug use and enables the audience to closely witness emotions, turmoil and grief caused by a family member choosing to use drugs. The Tour uniquely engages the audience in the live dramatic scenes about peer pressure, arrest, imprisonment, emergency room, trauma, and funeral. The Tour also includes a coping skills segment, and Q&A session brought to you by community law enforcement officers, EMTs, and a recovery spokesperson.

RT is FREE! Donations welcome.

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EMAIL to get more information on RT, to sign-up to become an LV-RT  volunteer, or for community service opportunities.

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