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Want to be a Peer Leader?
Learn more here…..

Want to be a Peer Leader?
Learn more here…..

What Is Reality Tour?

About Las Vegas – Reality Tour (LV-RT).  Nevada became a Reality Tour site in 2020 and hosted a pilot and premier of LV-RT last fall.  RT is a copyright and trademarked, volunteer driven, comprehensive, consequence driven, evidence-based substance misuse prevention EXPERIENCE designed to be experienced together by parent and youth ages 10-18   Together, parent and youth experience the life of a teen who makes a decision to use drugs.  Audience members are drawn into the RT Experience from the very beginning and everyone walks away from the Experience having learned something.  RT provides: Consequences (using a narrated, dramatic scenes acted out by Peer Educators) participants learn are view the dramatic scenes of life and death of a teen on drugs.  The scenes are compelling but deemed appropriate for youth ages 10+ with a parent.  The scenes are minimally staged with a pre-recorded narrated voice of the teen.  Family participants are taught Coping and Communication Skills that can be used over and over again.   First person accounts are provided by volunteers in law enforcement, recovering addicts and parents in a question and answer segment.   RT is performed with an all-volunteer cast of local youth and adults who are seeking a different kind of work or volunteer experience.  

Peer Leader (PL) Program

What You Need To Know?  The ultimate goal of the LV-RT Peer Leadership program is to provide fun, interactive opportunities for eight graders, freshman and sophomore high school students to  to learn more about alcohol and other substance misuse and assist our program team in the delivery of Reality Tour.  The experience of being a Peer Leader is second to none for providing communication, social engagement, growth and development opportunities.  Moreover, it provides great stories to be shared in job interviews, college applications and more. 

Earn While You Learn.  YES….Our Peer Leaders EARN $50 for getting certified.  Our next session is Sunday, February 27th from 3:00-6:00 pm and registration is NOW!   

What makes RT so great?  Training 8th graders and high school freshman/sophomores to become a Peer Leader (PL) increases the visibility of the 2022 Reality Tour program in schools and in community organizations.  Peer educators provide a source for consistent messaging of substance abuse prevention long after students and families have attended LV-RT.  Becoming a PL offers all students a chance to grow their leadership and communication skills as well as inspire other students to take prevention seriously.  While teachers and staff may be seen as authority figures,  PLs (middle school or high school) are seen as peers and equals.

This Last Part Is Important! 


Future PLs must register, attend and full participate in a Reality Tour Experience before you can begin the Peer Leader training.  This February 27th is the perfect time and opportunity as we are hosting a Reality Tour from 3:00-6:00pm at PACT Coalition.  Have your future PL register today. 

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